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How to access Jobscan (for customers)

Accessing Jobscan

Registered WorkSource Oregon customers can get free access to Jobscan’s premium features. To get access to your account, 1) sign up a free Jobscan account and 2) request an account upgrade.

Signing up a free account

  1. Log in to your WorkSource account: https://www2.myworksourceportfolio.org/SignIn.aspx
  2. Click Job Search from the My WorkSource home page.
  3. Click register with Jobscan.
    Can't find the Job Search link?

    Make sure you are on the My WorkSource home page: https://www2.myworksourceportfolio.org/Home.aspx

  4. Enter your email address (the same one used for WorkSource registration), password, and zip code. Then, click Sign Up.

Requesting a Premium Upgrade

  1. Click Request Upgrade.
  2. Wait for approval. You will receive a notification via email that your request has been approved within 2 business days.
    Did your upgrade request get denied?

    Did your upgrade request get denied? If you’re actively registered with WorkSource this may be because you used a different email address than what is linked to your WorkSource account. To resolve this issue, you’ll need to sign up a new account using the same email address we have on file and request an upgrade again.

Updated on October 14, 2019

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