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Unemployment Insurance

How do I contact the Oregon Employment Department?


Am I eligible if <insert scenario here>?

In general, people should be advised to submit a New UI Claim and let OED make the determination on eligibility. If the person’s situation matches closely to information on OED’s “How to tell if I qualify for Benefits web page, then you should direct someone to the information there. Note that only OED staff should advise on detailed questions regarding eligibility. These charts may also help answer the question:

How much money can I get?

If eligible, the person will receive weekly benefits ranging from $151 to $648, plus $600/week in federal stimulus until 7/31/2020. The benefit amount is based on wages reported by your employer to OED. You should direct claimant’s to the Oregon Unemployment Insurance Estimator to estimate their UI benefit. Note: Wages from the previous 5 quarters are needed to complete the estimator.

UI Eligibility FAQs

For answers to other Frequently Asked Questions about UI eligibility during the Covid-19 emegency, visit OED’s “How to tell if I qualify for benefits?” page

Initial Claims

How do I file a new claim for UI during Covid-19?

Weekly Claims

How do I file a Weekly Claim Report?
How do I reset my PIN?

Pandemic Unemployment Assistance (PUA) program

What is PUA?

PUA provides temporary benefits to eligible individuals:

  • Self-employed, independent contractors,
  • Lack sufficient worky history,
  • Do not qualify for a regular unemployment claim, or
  • Have exahusted other forms of unemployment insurance benefits.
How do I apply for PUA?

For first time applicants:

Self-employed, contract, and gig workers who have already filed initial and weekly claims and have an established PIN should I apply using these links:

  • For answers to Frequently Asked Questions and links to information in other languages, visit the OED CARES Act page.
  • A PUA Hotline is also now available: 503-370-5400


Please contact our subject matter expert on Unemployment Insurance, Roland Chlapowski.

Updated on June 4, 2020

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