Playlist of the Month: Manufacturing Bootcamp

The Manufacturing All Access course by Tooling U-SME gives your customers nearly 450 online courses, covering various aspects of the Manufacturing process from safety to welding to assembly and mechanics. Every course has been reviewed and validated by industry experts. This is a great resource for those who are beginners in the industry or already have on-the-job training, but looking to expand their knowledge. This is Premium content, so you’ll just need to follow the Premium content instructions for authorization. The full Manufacturing Playlist includes OSHA General Industry which is WorkSource + content.

Content Includes:


Hydrualics and Pneumatics


Leadership: Supervisor Essentials




Electrical Systems


Metal Cutting

Top Courses

Intro to Abrasives 100

Safety for Mechanical Work 105

Basic Programming 250

AC Motor Applications

Math Fundamentals

Career Videos and Industry Information

Manufacturing Career Videos

Manufacturing Industry Information

Worksystems’ Manufacturing Sector Report

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