WorkSource + Cost Point will now auto-authorize WorkSource + Resume

Spread the good news! Authorizing Train Oregon just got a little easier. The WorkSource + Cost Point and WorkSource + Resume Cost Point will now auto-authorized together.

What does this mean for you?

From now on, there is no need to add a whole separate “WorkSource + Resume” Cost Point in addition to your WorkSource + Cost Point because it will auto populate together.  WorkSource + Resume gives your customers access to the five hour “Ace Your Job Search!” training, one of Train Oregon’s most popular courses.

Procedure for Authorizing WorkSource+
Key Points

● There are two types of content in Train Oregon: 1) WorkSource+​ and 2) Premium​.
● Customers can only access courses on Train Oregon if they have been authorized by WorkSource center staff
(authorization in I-Trac unlocks courses).
● Center staff who have data entry rights in I-Trac can authorize WorkSource+​.
● WorkSource+​ is the starting point for new users. In order to access Premium​ courses, the customer must
complete at least one WorkSource+​ course and then follow the instructions on the Request Access​ page on the
Train Oregon site.
● Training Services Staff who receive Premium​ access requests will follow up with those customers.
● Training Services staff have rights to authorize Premium​ access to premium courses, which is outlined in a
separate Procedure for Authorizing Premium Content​ document.

To authorize customers for WorkSource+

1. Open the customer’s record in I-Trac
Only open the active WIOA Adult or Dislocated Worker record. The Train Oregon authorization control lives in
the WIOA parent record.
2. Click the Train Oregon​ tab
3. Click Add

4. Input today’s date and select WorkSource+​ from the Cost Point​ list
By selecting WorkSource+, the user will have access to all of the courses in the WorkSource+ catalog.

5. Select a course(s) from the Suggested Course Groups​ list
This controls what courses appear in the user’s Recommended Course List​ on Train Oregon. It does not affect
what courses the user can access.
6. WorkSource + Resume​ will be auto-authorized when you select the WorkSource + Cost Point​, giving customers
access to the course “Ace Your Job Search!”.
7. Select your center​ from the Location​ list and confirm Email
● Make sure that the email address field is populated.
● If there was an email entered in WOMIS, it will appear here. You do not need to update or change it.
● If there is no email in the field, please put in a valid email address for the customer.
8. Click save

9. Click the case note icon​ and add a case note
The case note should state that you’ve made an authorization and any specific topics the customer was
interested in that prompted the authorization.

Download Instructions for How to Authorize WS+ here

Link to all Train Oregon Procedures here

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