Train Oregon Flyers

What’s one of the best ways to promote Train Oregon at your location? Flyers! Whether they are pinned up on a notice board, displayed in a flyer stand or a loose stack near other flyers, this can be a fantastic way to spread the word about Train Oregon to your customers. Here are our favorites that we always keep on hand.

7000 courses 2 pages


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Staff Favorite

The 7000 courses 2 pages flyer is a staff favorite not only because it showcases Train Oregon features and contact details on one page but when flipped over (if printed double-sided), you have an easy-to-access list of Playlists for different industries or skills. It’s a great resource for customers to visually see what courses are available and to spark their own training ideas.

Let your customers know that if they need assistance, they can Live Chat with the Train Oregon Virtual Career Coach by clicking on the “Chat Now/ Leave a Message” box on the bottom right of the Train Oregon web page and we will be on standby ready to help!

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