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NextGen Youth Services Regional Program Standards


Hover over the image below for the document menu or access the document directly via the Article Attachments section at the bottom of the page. For supporting documents related to these program standards, refer to the NextGen Program Documents and Resources page.

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Q&A from October 1st RPS Training

Q: What is the definition of “Never had a job”?

A: They’ve never had a job at all. You also have the option of choosing being fired from a job.

Q: Do internships count as employment?

A: No, internships do not count as employment in this context.

Q: Is there documentation needed for Requires Additional Assistance eligibility criteria?

A: This is all staff attestation.

Q: Are you talking about all documents going into I-Trac or just ID?

A: Right now there is a list of allowable documents that can be uploaded into I-Trac. Eventually we are hoping to go to a data base where you can upload more documents. Kari will note which documents should be uploaded into I-Trac. Right now we only have the capabilities of participants uploading documents themselves.

Q: Will there be a due date for using the document upload tool?

A: Moving forward as of October 1st, all new enrollments need to have documents uploaded using the document upload tool. There is no past cleanup needed on this. We understand you may have a participant who does not have the capability to upload their documents. You will need to maintain a copy yourself in this case.

Q: Could we also them deem participants Basic Skills Sufficient at enrollment without documentation?

A: The CASAS is no longer required. All participants at Exit need to be deemed Basic Skills Deficient or Sufficient. You can still do your testing. For eligibility at enrollment, you no longer have to do the casas appraisal test on everyone. You have the same choice in the youth world as you do in the adult world. For youth, it is an eligibility requirement.

Q: So as individual CBOs, we determine how much we are going to incentivize these at?

A: Yes.

Q: Do we do these ICP updates in this format for new folks or current people?

A: For your current people, just enter a service and attach a case note with updates to their existing Career Plan. Use this template for all new enrollments.

Q: What makes participants a customer of WorkSource Adult?

A: Once a participant both completes the welcome process AND the WIOA documentation tab is complete, they become part of WIOA performance for Worksource Portland Metro Adult/DW. The most important thing for you all to know is that once you complete the Adult/DW documentation tab, you need to get the youth enrollment in NextGen completed within 45 days. Preferably, on the same day. Otherwise, participants who auto exit with an active Adult/DW record impact the performance of the WorkSource centers.

Q: Do we need any documentation other than the I-Trac Service for the Career Mapping? It used to be attached to the ICP.

A: For monitoring we will only be looking for the service in I-Trac. Providers can choose to still you the Career Mapping summary document if they like but it will not be asked for in monitoring as is not required.

Q: For Workforce preparation training like Flagger/Forklift/Food Handlers etc. what service would it be in I-Trac?

A: It’s not a service. If you are just paying for a food handlers, it’s a payment, not a service. If you are meeting with them and having conversations about what you are supporting them with, enter it as Career Coaching.

Q: If I needed to pay for training that cannot be provided through a ITA should I still reach out to my Worksystems contract manager to get permission to do that?

A: You no longer have to reach out for approval. You have to follow your own procurement policy.

Q: Can provider-funded training that is not funded through a ITA count as Trainings that count as a credential?

A: Yes- if it is considered to be training with a big T if it meets the definition.

Q: [POIC has] interns working at Project Zero through PGE: Would that come under this Work Experience Service Coordination section?

A: Yes, that is what is considered a service coordination WEX (WEX-SC).

Q: Are we currently offering WEX2 & WEX 3 placements?

A: We are not offering them right now but the intention is to offer different levels of work experience in the future.

Q:Do we have to update our service tab data entry for already completed Career Labs?

A: No, only use new service options for new Career Lab services moving forward.

Q:Do you need to case note someone who cannot be contacted if they start follow up services and then opt out or lose contact with you?

A: For quarterly check-ins, just case note that they were unable to be contacted.

Q: Will the new Prosperity Planner requirement apply to current participants or just those moving forward?

A:  For any first time support service payment provided besides bus tickets regardless of if it is a current or new participant they have to do the prosperity planner budget.

Q: Does the Prosperity Planner count as a Financial Literacy service?

A: No. The standards for financial literacy are much more comprehensive than a budget. See page (23 of RPS)

Q: Do we have to do the Prosperity Planner every time we offer a support service? Could we do it at enrollment?

A: You can do it at any stage, you just have to it once before support services are offered (except bus tickets). You can go in, save the budget, make a new one and save changes to show changes over time.

Q: What if a laptop is over the cap of $500?

A: Ask permission from your Worksystems contract manager before exceeding the budget limit.

Q: For these allowable support service additions, laptop as example, can we use these support services standards for currently enrolled?

A: Anyone current, new enrolled, or in follow up.

Q: There’s potential for a NextGen participant could be on a stipend program (PDX Youth@Work) could be getting paid an incentive and a wage, should we use these support service and incentives at our discretion?

A: Participants really should not be being paid twice for the same activity so if they are getting a stipend for something in PDX Youth@Work they should probably not also be paid an incentive.  

Q: Could you talk a little more about what counts as an employment or education confirmation?

A: You must enter an Employment or Education Confirmation on the Outcomes tab.

Q: You need a transcript for credential & measurable skill gain. You do not need a transcript for Education Quarterly confirmation, correct?

A: Yes you need a document for a credential or MSG. For education quarterly confirmations if you enter the data in I-Trac, that meets the definition of “casenote” in WIOA. No additional documentation necessary.

Q: Global exits- for folks being treated for mental health issues, is there any documentation required? Same question for incarceration.

A: See page 50 for documentation required.

Updated on February 1, 2022

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