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NextGen Program Documents and Resources

Program Summary/Description

Through an array of community-based organizations, NextGen provides outreach and enrollment, career planning, job readiness, internships, occupational training and other workforce services leading to education and career outcomes for youth.

Contract Managers

Key Program Documents

NextGen Eligibility and Registration

Required NextGen Eligibility Documents

  • NextGen Documentation Checklist
  • NextGen ISY/OSY Eligibility Guide
  • PY 22 NextGen Income Calculation Worksheet
  • PY 22 NextGen Objective Assessment
  • SSN/EEO Disclosures

NextGen Eligibility & File Resources

  • PY 22 NextGen File Content & Structure
  • NextGen Enrollment Checklist
  • NextGen Reviewer Checklist
  • NextGen Employment Characteristics Definitions
  • Academic Assessments Crosswalk_Registration
  • Prosperity Planner Workbook
  • Annotated Guide: NextGen Documentation Checklist
  • Annotated Guide: NextGen Eligibility Guide
  • Annotated Guide: NextGen Income Calculation Worksheet
  • Annotated Guide: NextGen Objective Assessment

Essential Skills & Work Experience

  • NextGen Career Mapping Template
  • Career and Resource Mapping Manual
  • Individual Career Plan Update Form
  • PY 22 PDX Youth@Work Slot Allocation (NextGen)

NextGen Data, Performance & Reporting

  • NextGen I-Trac Data Entry Guide
  • PY 2022 NextGen Quarterly Report Template & Reporting Guidance
  • NextGen Success Story ROI
  • NextGen WIOA 14 Elements Service Provider Letter
  • Credential Definition
  • Measurable Skills Gain Guidance
  • Basic Skills Assessments Crosswalk_Exit Assessment
  • NextGen Essential Skills Evaluation
  • NextGen Employment Incentives Guidance
  • NextGen Exit Checklist

NextGen Miscellaneous Resource Documents

  • I-Trac User Manual- See I-Trac Resources

Updated on October 25, 2022

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