Week 1 – 9 (0 – 360 Hours)

In the first few weeks on the job, you’ll go through your company’s onboarding process. In addition, as an apprentice, you’ll be expected to do these additional tasks:

Complete Apprenticeship Forms

  1. Review the NWITA Standards of Apprenticeship and NWITA Policies and Procedures. Sign the acknowledgement on page 9 of the Policies and Procedures.
  2. Complete an Apprenticeship Registration Agreement.
  3. Return both signed documents to the apprenticeship representative at your company.

Fill out your Work Process Tracking Sheet

  • Each week you must fill out a Work Process Tracking Sheet
  • The purpose of this worksheet is to track the time you spend in each work process during your apprenticeship.
  • The overall hours tracked in the sheet help to determine your progress in the apprenticeship program.

Take the Juniper Networking Fundamentals Course

  1. Using your web browser, navigate to the Juniper Networking Fundamentals eLearning Course and register a new account.
  2. Make note of your username and password.
  3. Your employer will provide you with guidelines on completing the course while at work.

Make contact with your Techrise PDX coach and schedule check in meetings

  • For all registered apprentices in the NWITA program, you career coach is Amy Pontius (apontius@pcc.edu | 503.612.4333)


Check out the Frequently Asked Questions page or submit a question to the Program Administrator via a comment below.

Updated on November 14, 2019

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