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Learning Opportunities are hosted by providers that serve youth in our community and are programs designed to promote the professional growth and development of the participant through practical and hands-on tasks, projects, and applications. The participant and the career coach will collaboratively complete a learning agreement, with input from the provider supervisor, to determine the goals and expected professional development of the participant. At scheduled intervals, the career coach will assess participant progress.

Learning Opportunity Standards and Criteria

  • LO is a structured and short-term learning experience with documented learning objectives.
  • LO includes identified participation experiences to promote the growth and development of the participant.
  • LO is designed to explore, learn, or practice skills directly tied to Career Goals identified in the Learning Opportunity Agreement.
  • LO cannot include activities typically done by an employee to the benefit of the business.

Learning Opportunity Agreements are not to exceed $599 exceptions can be made up to $1,200 with approval of the program manager. Note: all participants receiving more than $599 through PDXYouth@Work will be issued a 1099 for tax reporting.

LinkedIn Learning Courses & Learning Paths: LinkedIn Learning is an online learning platform available for free from the Multnomah County and Washington County library systems.

Metrix Learning Courses & Learning Paths: New in 2022 Metrix Learning offers various tools to assess for skill gaps, provide training content to close gaps, explore career pathways, and connect job seekers with open positions.

Everfi & Venture Financial Literacy Courses: These interactive lessons translate complex financial concepts and help students develop actionable strategies for managing their finances. Click here for Financial Literacy resources.

Other Learning Opportunities may be permissible per the discretion of each provider. All Learning Opportunities must follow the standards and criteria outlined here and CANNOT include activities in which a “employer-employee relationship” exists.  See the “Forms of Payment for WIOA Youth Program Participants” document for additional guidance.

Stipend Payment Guidance

Estimate the value of a Learning Opportunity activity based on the criteria below. Key factors to consider: engagement and participation requirements, estimated length of time involved, and rigor of the activity.

Career Lab (for each skill)$20
Learning Opportunity Level 1 (engagement & participation estimated at 1 hour)$20
Learning Opportunity Level 2 (engagement & participation estimated at 1-2 hours)$40
Learning Opportunity Level 3 (engagement & participation estimated at 3-4 hours)$80
Learning Opportunity Level 4 (engagement & participation estimated at 4-5 hours)$100
Learning Opportunity Level 5 (a structured activity lasting longer than 5 hours)$120
Everfi Financial Literacy Course or comparable Financial Literacy Program$50
Structured full-day seminars, courses, workshops, programs of study$160/ day
Career Exposure Activities- Industry Tour, Informational Interview, etc Use Level System outlined aboveSee above
Career Learning Projects- Professional Portfolio, Career Path Presentation Use Level System outlined aboveSee above
Service-Learning Projects-  Use Level System outlined aboveSee above
Academic Intervention Activities-  Use Level System outlined aboveSee above
Learning Opportunity Agreements are not to exceed $599. Exceptions can be made up to $1,200 with approval of the program manager. Note: all participants receiving more than $599 through PDXYouth@Work will be issued a 1099 for tax reporting.

Stipend Payment Process

Under the new system, coaches are submitting stipend requests ONLY when participants are ready to be paid.  Participants no longer have to sign up (like they did in CSS) to receive stipend payments.  Coaches no longer have to enter “equivalent hours” (like they did in CSS). Participants DO need to complete a W9 using this jot form.

Instead, when your participant has earned a stipend, you complete the Career Catalyst Stipend Form and submit it as part of a ticket in the Career Catalyst system.  The directions & stipend forms can be downloaded from the Career Catalyst Community Site by searching for “OR”.

Stipend Forms and W9s are due to Career Catalyst no later than the day BEFORE timesheets are due.

Use this Paycard Tracker to see when your participant’s paycard is mailed to your organization so you can deliver the paycard to your participant. You can view pending stipend payments and historical stipend payments on this OR Worksystems Stipend Tracker.

I-Trac Data Entry

For youth who accept a learning opportunity, coaches enter a Work Based Training service in I-Trac.  All Learning Opportunities must be entered into the WEX Bank following the naming convention below:

“2022 Learning Opportunity” for general Learning Opportunities or “2022 Learning Opportunity – [name of program]” for community partner Learning Opportunities such as Word is Bond & Passion Impact.

See Data Entry Reference for more details.

Download the Learning Opportunity Agreement Template below.


Program Questions

Stephen Blackford, Senior Project Manager, Worksystems


Stipend Pay Process Questions

Submit a General Support Ticket to Career Catalyst through their Community Site

Updated on September 27, 2022

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