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Career Boost Staff Training

Available Trainings

Training NameLearning Objectives 
By the end of this training, you will be able to:  
Career Boost Basics 
(7 minute video
-Describe the Career Boost program and its benefits to participants and programs 

-Navigate the systems & training required to provide Career Boost Services 
Career Boost Enrollment Overview 
(6 minute video
-Enroll a new participant in Career Boost 
PY 2022 Career Boost Training 
(Coming Soon)
-Provide & complete data entry for Career Boost Services  

-Run & Utilize I-Trac Reports 

-Maintain contract compliance through proper data entry, billable services, cost methodologies, and invoicing.  
Access Instructions for WOMIS and/or iMatchSkills
(Learn More Here)
Most Career Boost staff need to complete Compliance Trainings in order to gain access to State-run data systems such as WorkSource Oregon Management Information System (WOMIS) iMatchSkills.
Annual Compliance Trainings
(Link to Annual Trainings)
Per Worksystems 50/50 contract with DHS, all staff whose position is funded in any way through Career Boost / SNAP E&T contracts, including managers and directors who do not directly work with SNAP recipients, must complete three mandatory compliance trainings annually.”
Regional Program Standards
(click here)
-Regional Program Standards
-Annotated Regional Program Standards (Coming Soon)
Program Documents and Resources
(click here)
-Career Boost Data Guide
-Digital Signature Guidance
Updated on November 7, 2022

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